The Enemy

A pantomime-silent cinema play

based on the eponymous fairy tale by Davide Cali.

They are alone, just the two of them somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They don’t even remember when they first settled in their holes. Many years have passed since then and nothing seems to have changed. They haven’t seen each other. They haven’t exchanged a single word. Only bullets. They hate each other. Fear each other. They fight each other. Always. So they’re told. They have to.

Even though they’re down and out! Even though they dream of ending the war. Who will take the first step to finally stop this exhausting battle?

This new play by the Astronauts team is based on the masterpiece by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch, “The Enemy.” Using the code of pantomime and silent cinema, they approach a human story that raises questions about war, heroism, fear and propaganda. With simple storytelling, live music and rich expressiveness, the actors offer us laughter and emotion in a spectacle that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, culture, gender, nationality and other beliefs.

The play is suitable for foreign-language audiences as well as for the hearing impaired.

The play was honored to be part of the “Autumn Program” of Tempo Forte Italia – Grecia 2018, the cultural initiative of the Embassy of Italy in Greece.


Directed by: Johnny O.

Scenery-Costumes: Daphne Aidoni and Kakia Hatzigiannidi.

Music Composition and Execution: Fotini Tsaknaki

Lighting Design: Apostolos Tsatsakos

Poster: Irini Tsiraki

Performed by: Themistoklis Karpodinis, Ntinos Pontikopoulos, Fotini Tsaknaki