Dry-Stone Fence / Stone and Story in Dance

Performer Frosso Zagoreou continues her exploration of the concepts of pause, movement and stillness, focusing this time on the notion of weight and balance.

She observes how thinking is altered by the weight that a body bears at any given time.

She wonders how much each word weighs. Or how breathing is affected by the weight on one’s chest, the weight on one’s neck or the weight on one’s back.

Since her homeland is made of stone, her inspiration is drawn from stone. This ancient life that has senses and yet also appeals to the senses. “Hail O stone that givest drink to those who thirst for life” we hear in the Akathist Hymn.

She listens every time carefully to the stone as a word and its arrangement in dry stone as a fiction.

Maria Tsima’s text “Stone Fences”, heard during the performance, opens paths on the body and beyond, which lead to a peculiar dance that seeks to retrieve something of the warmth in the depths of earth and memory.


Conception, direction, performance: Frosso Zagoreou.

Text: Maria Tsima

Music: Koray Tarhan

Video editing: Yannis Vassilakis

Costume design: Matina Megla

Photography: Dimitris Kastanaras

Artwork: Paris Haviaras

Production: Astronauts

Duration: 17 minutes