The team started its “flights” in 2006, turning our childhood dream into a reality. To become “Astronauts”.

From the very first year, the style of our work won over both the little and the “big” people in the audiences. Thus, their undiminished interest and constant presence in the theatrical events of our group, reinforced our fun, imagination and creativity.

Strictly selected plays, dedication to children’s theater and the belief that the performing art of theater makes a catalytic contribution to both the entertainment and the psyche of children have guided our steps over the years.

So, the theme of the performances, humor and play, entertain young spectators while cultivating a fertile field for thought and dialogue on contemporary social issues and human values. The style of the performances is characterized by the coexistence of different theatrical forms (prose, puppet theater, shadow play, dance), with strong influences from folk theater and street theater.

Theodoros Grammatas (Professor of Theatrology at the University of Athens) makes references to the originality of the media and techniques chosen for the staging of our theatrical works in his book, Στη χώρα του Τοτώρα (In the Land of Nanow), Patakis Publications. Similar references can be found in Alexia Papakosta’s doctoral thesis, Κώδικες επικοινωνίας στο θέατρο για παιδιά (Codes of communication in theater for children), which is currently under publication.

Our group also presents performances for adult audiences and has successfully organized music and theater festivals. In particular, the 1st and 2nd World Jazz Music Festival, and the 1st Children’s Theater Festival in collaboration with the Fournos Theater. Our works have been presented in Athens, around Greece and abroad, while our productions are flexible and adaptable to the most unexpected venues.

The entire journey of the “Astronauts” has been carried out with the help of our friends and partners, without government or other kinds of funding.

Our current performances are posted on the Department of Education’s website.