Royal Peacock and Mr Mapas

Royal Peacock and Mr Mapas

A man is sitting and playing a game of chess which is in the final moves between him and the audience.

He plays with the white pawns- white King. Every time he moves the white King, a white peacock (living statue) which is standing close to the chess game comes to life!

If the white King loses the chess game, the white peacock presents a sad dance, a dance of death.

But if the white king wins the game, the peacock presents a happy dance of triumph.

The idea and concept are inspired by Jorge Luis Borges and his book of Imaginary Beings. Borges, apart from being a wonderful writer was also an excellent chess player

Peacocks Costume made by : Daphne Aidoni and Kakia Hatzigiannidi

Peacocks Shoes made by: Katerina Savrani

Make up artist: Eleftheria Mihailidi

Performers: Frosso Zagoreou and Ntinos Pontikopoulos