La sirena Theoni-Mermaid Theoni

La Sirena Theoni – Mermaid Theoni

Mermaid Theoni is a living statue of a mermaid, inspired by Greek mythology.  She is standing in two poses. A beautiful figure, a charming statue and funny show reminds us that although we delight in the beauty of nature, we sometimes forget to take care of it. In the final scene, she frees herself from the plastic, reminding everyone that we shouldn’t pollute the rivers and oceans, and the need for immediate treatment of marine pollution

The Mermaid started her shows in Buenos Aires in May 2016. She is traveling all over the world.

Participations in international festivals:

Beelding Lommel 10th edition 2017 in Belgium.

Buskers fest 2017 – In Budejovice. Czech Republic

UFO – Uliczny Festiwal Osobliwości 2018 Poland

Statues en Marche 2018

Pisen Busker Fest 2021

Festival Miejski 2022 – Sztuki Uliczne in Poland

BuskerBus 2022 in Poland


Costume design: Olympia Sideridou
Make up artist: Eleftheria Michailidou and Ntinos Pontikopoulos
Art work: Eirini Tsiraki
Performer: Frosso Zagoreou
Production: Astronauts Theatre