The Black Fish

This tale by the great Iranian educator and writer Samad Behrangi tells the story of a hero that young viewers will surely love. It is the story that inspired the creators of the famous Nemo.

The Story

The play recounts the adventures a “freshwater” fish faces until it reaches the ocean.

What dangers does it encounter? How does he face his fears? How does he find a way to follow his dream?

The Play

With imagination, humor and quick stage changes, an allegorical tale about the journey of growing up fear and diversity is portrayed.

The show combines original theatrical dialogue with shadow theater and puppets. The alternation of theatrical media has both an aesthetic and pedagogical effect, as it introduces children to a variety of ways of storytelling and the use of language through the theatrical experience.

The black fish elaborates on the ideas of freedom, heroism and independence in order to illuminate the essential values of life without dogmatism or exaggeration.

The show is listed on the Ministry of Education website.

Ages: 3.5-9 years old

Adapted and Directed by: Ntinos Pontikopoulos

Set Design, Puppets: Olympia Sideridou

Performed by: Ntinos Pontikopoulos, Froso Zagoreou

Music Design: Vassilis Efremidis

Photos: Ru Zannou