The Leaf that Didn’t Want to Fall

Based on the story of the same name by Yannis Plahouris

It was the last leaf on the poplar tree. It was trembling so much, that a strong wind might blow and take it away. “Autumn! Autumn is here!” the sparrow would exclaim every morning. “Everywhere I go, in the other parks in town, the trees are getting ready for winter. Only here, in this park, this leaf doesn’t want to fall yet!”

But why should I fall?” asked the leaf. “I like it here, so high up I am.[…] I like it, oh, how I like life!”

So he held on tightly without falling. And the more he loved life, the tighter he clung to the poplar bough.

The group “Astronauts” presents for the first time, the fairy tale by Yannis Plahouris, “The Leaf that Didn’t Want to Fall.” It is the story of a leaf that’s different! A leaf that loved life with passion! Through the alternation of seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring again, we see it facing the difficulties of life with courage, defending and asserting its goals, observing carefully, understanding, forgiving and loving. Until one cold Christmas night, this love of his manages to keep the winter chill at bay. A dramatic narrative that aspires to straddle the line between humor and emotion against a Christmas backdrop. We use mixed techniques including prose, pantomime, shadow theater, masks and live music (flute, guitar, voice and various percussion instruments).

Ages: 2.5-9 years old

Adapted by: Dimitris Mikios

Stage Design, Costumes: Maria Demetra Vetta

Music Design: Antonis Skamnakis

Poster: Irini Tsiraki

Photos: Ru Zannou

Narration: Froso Zagoreou and Irini Sgouridou